As Buffalo's premier IT firm, we offer a plethora of solutions that enable our clients to maintain the highest level of workflow at every given moment. Our combination of monitoring for servers and network devices provide proactive support and remediation to prevent performance bottlenecks and outages before they happen. We provide remote or onsite support, so you can feel secure while performing your day-to-day operations.

Monitored devices include:

Any Network device can be monitored and maintained, allowing you to meet your customers demands with our custom-tailored solutions providing the backbone to your businesses infrastructure. We can also set up customer monitoring using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) traps for other device such as printers, security systems, and virtually any system that attaches to your network.

Server monitoring includes:

All alerts are responded to based on our SLA (service level agreement), including High & Critical alerts being escalated to our on-call technician during after-hours. Our team of technicians will verify the alert, and if it is deemed that the alert has a critical effect on your production environment it will be remediated immediately to prevent any downtime.

All actions are taken to preserve maximum uptime for your network infrastructure. Any remedaition actions outside of standard operation are carefully planned to minimize impact to your production environment and done in coordination with your staff. Work done on your infrastructure is done in accordance with our SLA, outlined in your managed services contract. Events that are critical can be serviced

Other included services:


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